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  1. 2012 Evo X Full bolt ons tuned on e85 380whp
  2. Actively playing: Elite Dangerous - space combat and ship buliding FFXIV - Working on DSU prog 5/7 (hardest optional fight in game) EFT - Legit -Off and on- PoE D2R
  3. Bring back Season 3 LoL. New dragon is cool but the never ending power creep of new champions and lack of reworks for old ones makes it feel even more meta dependent that it ever has been.
  4. Had a bit of a rough patch getting it to work at 1st, some system updates were preventing it from loading properly. I do not use aimbot at all so no Comment on it's functionally but the UI is clean and easy understand. ESP is great. Clear and simple. Perfect for ops like Maverick to make pixel peak holes and take enemies down with ease.
  5. Once Streets drop i think Bear will be the "Meta" since the patrols will not KoS you like how Rouges target bears now.

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