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  1. This is kinda wrong. Updating means the cheat is down for a regular update such as is the case when the game updates (also communicated as "offsets update"). Its not unsafe to inject the cheat. It will just not work. Its still recommended to not inject while the cheat is outdated. 2-3 days. Its already updated and the status will get changed.
  2. We went through all old applications. If yours isnt confirmed, please tag me on the thread and I will take a look what isnt correct.
  3. @a1ex is/was in holidays until 08/09/2022. He will soon come back.
  4. No our spoofer doesnt require any reinstall of your OS. Only if you encounter issues such as BSODs.
  5. We discontinued CoD. Its not advertised anymore.
  6. We usually do it in bulk. If your application is very old it probably got skipped because you didnt meet our requirements (wrong images, missing selfie etc.)
  7. Your GPU is pretty low-end but it should still work. I saw some of our customers using a 1050. Undetected since dez 2021.
  8. Yes it does. All our products support Windows 11.
  9. Your application was skipped because it wasnt made correctly. Replied to it. We usually do the verification in bulk. Current waiting time is around 5-7 days.
  10. Currently the R6S Cheat only comes with the following features: + HWID Spoofer
  11. Because your pictures were uploaded not as png or jpg but as jfif.
  12. @bruceybatlion We changed the way the applications worked. Just upload the three required images on your old application so we can check them again. We usually delete the images (ID + selfies) after a few days.
  13. Replied to your verification thread.
  14. Yes Nope. Only Item ESP which is configurable. Yes

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Elusion is a multi-game cheating provider. We aim to bring affordable and secure cheats to our Customers.

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