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  1. You should be able to buy it in our store: https://elusion.cc/board/store/
  2. It only somewhat made sense against BattlEye but the effectiveness of it is debatable, since we can still get into the cross fire of their detections against other cheating vendors. For EAC this literally makes no difference. And on top of that there is also the administrative burden on reviewing so many applications.
  3. We abolished the application review process. Our cheats are now free to buy for everyone.
  4. You would need to contact one of our exchangers, we only accept btc.
  5. LEVEL999

    Elusion Rust

    General Information: PUBLIC WIN10/11 21H2+ REQUIRED Features: Already implemented features are: - Aimbot - Activate Stick on Target Draw Radius Prediction (WIP) Key Radius Distance Smoothing Zone - ESP - Enable ESP Distance Name Show Distance Health Box Skeleton Crosshair - Loot - Activate Show Distance Distance Animal Plant Ore Collectible Item Corpse AI ... & more (LOOK AT SCREENSHOTS BELOW) *work in progress -> more features coming soon Easy Anti-Cheat secure & SCREENPROOF We can also present you a few screenshots from the current state of the cheat here: Regards, Elusion Team
  6. We will try to work around it once it gets properly shipped again.
  7. We will resume processing applications soon. Please make sure to push your application, since the reviewing process has been suspended for a couple of month.
  8. Yes, we updated it for the most recent closed beta.
  9. Not yet, but I am actively working on it. I will let you know in this thread @Fackayou
  10. Our Spoofer works but the Cleaner is outdated ATM. But by reinstalling windows you only need to run the spoofer.
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