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  4. Any updates? Waiting since the 14th
  5. best reseller i've ever met kind and smart. even if u don't know crypto, he will answer kindly Don't hesitate. contact him :)))
  6. I've been playing tarkov for around 4 wipes and have enjoyed the game, but as life goes on I have less time to grind this game out like I was able to before, but I still want to enjoy the game. I just find it really tedious to find all the quest items and I just want a sort of esp to just help me get by and still enjoy the game later on when I don't need to grind hours for just one quest. I am new to hacking never have done it. Did a little bit of research and these guys look legit.
  7. Hi Elusion Community, I would like to play BF 2042 with you. Mostly I play during the day. Languages: German / English Write me with your for example discord name. Happy fraggin. G.
  8. im still new to all this but hopefull i can figure out what im doing
  9. I've been waiting for a week now, but I'm sure it would take quite some time to go through everyone's applications. This is the first time I've ever applied for private cheats and I think it's just best to remain patient. Personally I'm not starving for cheats so I'm alright with the application times taking awhile.
  10. Earlier
  11. Guys I wanna play Tarkov) but only with gaming chair maiden from our community) sooo how long i have to wait to be aproved?
  12. I have never used cheats before, so kind of new on this topic.. just trying to get some help, started first vipe on EFT and getting recked in a way, learning maps and all that. But it takes so much time and dedication.. I just want to relax and enjoy the game after hard day of work. On games such as EFT it would allow me to loot faster, finish quests and just focus on doing raids with friends as well.
  13. New member of the community looking to be a part of the discussion! Thanks for having me.
  14. I figured I'd start a convo since I'm bored but what does everyone think of the changes of good ammo taken away from traders?
  15. Hey All, I am new here, just looking for some input on how everyone likes the client. I haven't been given access yet as my application is still pending, but I just want to see what everyone likes and dislikes about the client for EFT. Also any estimate from staff on how long applications are taking? I saw a post from a month or so ago that you are fixing the EFT client.
  16. Hello guys! My main game is escape from tarkov and I'm from latin america. Hope to be active here and learn about this community, cause I came from CS:GO cheating community and I am trying to get back gaming since I got a new GPU. Nice to meet you all!
  17. Waiting for 10 Days now so just relax and chill
  18. Sorry just saw that elusion has a spoofer. As soon as I am verified I will buy it.
  19. Hello, I'm a newbie to this stuff... Basically I have been doing some research on stuff to help prevent me getting banned for cheating with this websites R6 cheats. The best result was RAID0, but that requires 2 of the same storage device, I have a laptop with one 1tb nvme SSD so I can't use RAID0. I have never been banned on R6 siege. Any advice?
  20. Asking when they will review after just submitting an application is crazy lmao. Like give them some time, they probably do shit other than review apps at a computer all day.
  21. I'll just leave a message here so the staff know I exist, application awaiting.!!
  22. Hi, I am interested in the cheat and wondering how often people get banned on this cheat and if there are people that have never been banned using it? Also on the FAQ it says verification usually takes up to 48 hours, should I expect this or has this time estimate been increased. Thank you
  23. Made an account here today, I've been looking for some trustworthy cheats. Mainly for Tarkov and maybe Cycle if I ever get into that game. I was planning on setting up a 2PC DMA using a Radar from another provider, but I'd rather save some money for a new PC instead of investing in a board and second computer on top of a membership for the radar cheat itself. I'll be looking forward to learning about the community and meet some cool people.
  24. Submitted Application. Any idea when it may be reviewed?
  25. I would like to tell you a little about myself) I am 21 years old and I managed to play a lot of games, starting with the CIS game WOT and ending with PUBG, there was a long way between these games, both RPG and shooters. For the first time, I discovered cheats for myself in the form of cheat codes in GTA San Andreas), later I found out about the software again for GTA San Andreas, since then a lot of water has flowed, and I learned about ETF and what cheats are for this game, right away I’ll say that I didn’t immediately find this forum (it’s a pity, I had to try bad cheats and even had one not bad for privacy purposes, I won’t say which one, but in terms of functionality it looks like elusion. I really hope to join the ranks of the Elutionists) if you so you can call it of course, and add to your list of achievements)
  26. When my family started to make some money I was finally able to get a pc in like 2017 and I started out playing counter-strike because I had always watched Anomaly play it. For the longest time I always disliked val even though I had never played it, then eventually I tried playing it. I'll admit, it grew on me. I still would have a bias to say CS is better because of nostalgia and the long time it's spent being a top tier game but now I much enjoy val more.
  27. how long has elusive been producing tarkov cheats for? and has there been any bans since august of 2022?
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