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  2. Hey, Injections works just by clicking load on the loader, it's very simple. Core Isolation has to be disabled in Windows, Windows defender has to be disabled using dControl.
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  4. Hello, I’m thinking about purchasing bf 2042 hack. But before purchase, I would like to know how the injection process looks. Especially, what is necessary to change in windows settings? I checked another hacks and I saw in some of them, there is necessary to change settings in bios. I have never used hacks so maybe my question is trivial.
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  6. I see, I will give it a try thank you.
  7. Hey, The aimbot will lock on to players but not vehicles if you can't see a player inside of it on your ESP. Cheat has to "see" the enemy so it can lock on to them.
  8. Hello Guys, I am looking to buy the cheat and the only thing that I am looking forward to know if its possible is vehicle aimbot? You know the one where you go into a helicopter lock on with the aimbot and mow everyone down with it regardless if it's infantry or vehicle. I have been playing up against people with such aimbot and while they are in a vehicle they literally lock onto EVERYTHING. So can Elusion's cheat do that? Thanks.
  9. For OBS yes, for Discord you need to stream the OBS preview window.
  10. I am assuming since it is external it is but, is this service Streamproof for discord/obs etc?
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  12. Hey, - No sales going on at the moment. - At least prediction and bullet drop, might also have something else. - Not sure, I haven't personally used the product. - External.
  13. Hello, Any sales? Any new futures since your product page hasn't been updated in a while? Can you save and load settings? Internal or external? Thanks for answering!
  14. AIMBOT - 8/10 ESP - 9/10 INJECTION PROCESS - 10/10 UPDATE TIMES - 7/10 SUPPORT - 9/10 UNDETECTED - 100% TOTAL 9/10 ✔️
  15. what version of bf2042 does the script support? Steam or EA Play or both.
  16. Aimbot Is very customizable got all the features that I need. Smoothing, I personally think elusion have got the smoothing on point on how legit you can actually make it look when you're playing I'm still playing now and not once been called out for using cheats when im on legit cheating gameplay. Bone Selection can change from head, neck, chest what ever you fancy depending on how legit you want to look when playing. Visibility check works most of the times if they arent behind small objects. Personally if you play legit you would fire anyways only if you have line of sight and not when a esp box shows you that the player is visible. Also have an option to not auto switch targets to make it even more legit and less snappy when aiming at other targets. ESP Comes with everything I want and need. Very clean and down to the earth simple esp, hardly any lag with the esp which is also a bonus instead of seeing skeletons glitching around Has multiple options, ranging from name, distance, health, 2d box, filled box, skeleton and even lines and visibility check. You also have a radar option good for small maps and crosshair as a meme feature lol. Security I have been going very blatant on multiple games, and never been banned using elusion and i'm not aware of any detections that it has had. For Bf2042 i have been going strong for the past ~100 hours rage and legit cheating for months and did not receive a ban. Support I never really needed to contact the support for help but I had a few chats with the staff and they were always helpful and quick to answer. Their staff is also very active on their discord server. From my observation, the hack is so easy to inject and rarely throws a error to be fixed.
  17. Hi everyone, looking forward to your feedback💗
  18. Last detection was in August 2022.
  19. I wanna buy eft chair but i would like to know How safe it is? I got my account for 3 y i starter cheating like 1y ago but i need a better and safe cheat ? What can you tell me about the detection and ban Waves on this cheat
  20. LayndR


    Since the release in 2021.
  21. Crims0n


    how long has it been undectected?
  22. The BF product has been undetected since release, this wave didn't affect Elusion.
  23. Hi, After much ppl got banned in BF2042 this weekend using zaptine, is your Cheat still Safe and are there still no bans? BR
  24. So perfectly fine with me. As long as it's functional and stays undetected. They really just need to watch out for the exploits that one cheat will find and then all the cheats will use that exploit and it gets detected by a delayed VAC wave. Thats how alot of private cheats get detected is by using common exploits
  25. There was a change of plans so it's going to be external instead of internal, no set ETA for release.
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