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  1. They used to, and I did use them. However, they do not anymore because Ubisoft pushed a huge anti-cheating update that made it extremely difficult for the developers to make cheese that will work for everyone. Thus, they wouldn't be able to sell multiple copies of the same product due to the changes Ubisoft made in their own coding of the game/anit-cheat software.
  2. you will likely never find a good and undetected d2 cheat solely bc Bungie sues the providers. You will likely get banned on d2 pretty quick anyway. Also, I play D2 a lot and I sherpa people trials of osiris if you need help. Im a good pvper
  3. he might of taken it down bc it was an outdated video. the product has been updated ever since. the video was a year old
  4. Still need comp for R6 since it went down. Can someone look into my support tickets on here or discord. Had about 10 days left.
  5. ive never done an HWID reset or been HWID banned or used a spoofer and ive been fine. Just dont rage ever. Utilize the cheese when needed and avoid streamers, and dont let urself wipe full teams by urself bc its obvious asf
  6. @GodSon I do not use the spoofer but I have it. If i am HWID banned i ofc checkl first and would ask for a reset or use a program I know to manually reset all the HWID serials.
  7. That means don't go into Labs and destroy people. Also Avoid streamers or play legit against them for the most part. Better to have an EOD account vs a standard acc. If people see you destroying people on a standard it looks so sus to 99% of the playerbase and you are 100% going to get reported
  8. The product is private detections usually only happen sometimes during ban waves or if multiple ppl are abusing the product and destroying lobbies and getting reported.
  9. Last detection was in august of this year. and the one before that was in november last year. I personally used the product and it was great. Theres just a lot of ppl buying that one. and some manual bans plus ban waves caused a detection. The product is 90% the time safe to use. Just dont rage you know. Wiping lobbies will get u banned.
  10. In addition, the status page is a little goofy right now. If you come here I can give ya'll the actual status. The only thing working right now is the spoofer and EFT. However, I only think they compensated for those who had subscriptions when the product got detected during a ban wave. I do not think any product is selling this second except the spoofer. The devs are making sure the current customers are getting compensated, as well as updating the other products aside from EFT. After they get all the products running again they will resume reviewing the applications that are waiting. Just talk in the chats and get to know each other. Elusion had some major downtime the past 3 months but they are slowly getting things back in order. They are a small team, and are working very hard to get things going again so PLEASE be patient they will review apps again soon.
  11. @GodSon yes, so the dev team had to deal with an EFT detection which they resolved and completely reworked the product. As for all of the other products they are updating them. R6 is having huge difficulties to update because Ubisoft did a really weird update making it super tedious for the devs to rework the product. This second their main goal is to get all the products working again. They know there are applicants because they talk to us in discord. They will get to ur app I promise its just a matter of time unfortunately. I only waited a week and got accepted but that was over a year ago when there were way less people. Stay patient and believe me they will get to you.
  12. I'm YKJosh. Been here almost since the beginning alongside many of the "Elusion OG" reps so if you have questions drop them here. I know many new applicants are confused and wondering why its taking so long etc.
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