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  1. And the winner of this giveaway is: @iridescent Thank you everyone for participating and good luck next time! Have a wonderful weekend so far! a1ex
  2. Topic rules! Inflation kicks hard for everyone, so I decided to giveaway one subscription of YOUR choice from our store FOR FREE! To participate you must be eligable to access the Store! https://elusion.cc/board/store/ -Post a number or a text below to participate in this giveaway. -This Giveaway will last till friday and the winner will be chosen randomly by random.org Grammar misstakes can be kept! Good luck everyone!
  3. Friendly reminder: join the elision discord server and PM me throught the server. Otherwise I have to many pending invites. regards
  4. Maybe have a look here.. It's all stated. https://elusion.cc/board/application/form/1-application-for-elusion/ And you get a message if you got approved in your store.
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