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  1. Did you check the application thread whether they've replied and asking for more info or something? If not, try bumping your application thread by replying again.
  2. It's currently not possible due to the cheats being down and under investigation. Once they're all safe to use, they'll be up for sale again.
  3. Won't be a problem, the spoofer will never need an update unless the whole AC procedure changes.
  4. Is your application still visible for you? If not, it's been declined already. The admins have to go through a lot of applications and it's more likely they just didn't see yours or forgot to reply. If your application thread is still there, just bump it with another reply and ask them nicely to review it again.
  5. The cheat itself is undetected since December last year, but of course you can still get manually banned when raging or doing shady stuff yourself. If you plan on using a spoofer, it'll add another risk on top to get detected and banned because of it. If you've been HWID banned in the past, don't use a spoofer, RAID0 to avoid another detection risk on top of the cheat itself.
  6. Is doesn't matter where you're from or how old are you as long as you don't fake your ID/photo or do other shady stuff.
  7. What's the point and why risk it? Cryptocurrencies and the payment methods of the exchanger suffice and should cover everything. If you can't purchase crypto use use the payment method of the exchanger, ask a friend or go for another cheat with payment methods that expose your personal data even more and risk getting your account banned off the platform. TL;DR: PayPal will never happen.
  8. I assume you're talking about the build ID and not the actual version? 19044 would be 21H2, so yes, it will work.
  9. Yes, it's included when buying EFT.
  10. No, that's too old, you'd need to upgrade to a newer like 2009 and upwards.
  11. The lost time will either get compensated or all subs will be freezed, that depends on the admins but either of those two things will definitely happen.
  12. There's no fixed number when BattlEye HWID bans you, it's random and not the same for everyone. You might get HWID banned on your first ban, others get HWID banned on the 5th time and so on. The only way to find out whether it's an account or HWID ban, is to play on a new account and see if you get banned within a couple of hours or the next day. If so, it's a HWID ban.
  13. If you haven't been banned before, you don't need to clean any sort of traces and can use the spoofer just as is. However, keep in mind that any spoofer carries a risk to get you banned as well as the cheat itself.
  14. Everyone can access it. If you get killed and think it's a cheater, you can open a ticket on the official The Cycle website or Discord server and show them the replay how you got killed. The staff will review it and decide whether that person was cheating or not, be it aimbot, flyhack, ESP only etc.

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