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25 minutes ago, ClassicCB said:

I dislike any WoW like games, but to each his own. But what I've enjoyed reading about NW, is that it did a good job on frying some RTX 3090s from EVGA and others. RIP those poor people 😄

haha i read about that

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12 hours ago, Mutiny said:

I’m thinking of getting it purely because I sold my WoW Vanilla account and love the grind but skeptical about it because of what you said with the GPUs I don’t want that to happen to mine as well 😿

i think its very unlikely that its gonna happen but it has happened to people 

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I played new world for a few days and didnt like it. its nothing like wow, its exactly like every other modern MMO clone (crowfall, final fantasy mmo, eso (but eso is actually decent) except somehow worse. That being said, it's shiny and new and has a huge community right now which goes a long way in terms of enjoyment. 

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5 hours ago, SumTingWong said:

I played the Beta and it didnt catch me.

It also has no real endgame content besides PvP it simply has no depth in my opinion.

you just made me realize youre right no endgame and just straight pvp so what is the point 

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On 10/30/2021 at 4:28 PM, SumTingWong said:

Also you have only 4 mob types that are changing theyre "perks", ever looked at the "swimming" animation?

Sorry i dont want to spread hate against New World but for 60 bucks its a bucket full of shit LuL

i watched like shroud twice on stream playing it and didnt know they had only 4 mobs 

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