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EFT Review

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Overall, I really liked the cheat and it did as advertised. Like how you can see what items are in containers as well. 


  • Awesome and like how you can change certain values(min value, etc.) and that rare drops are always visible and in a bright color. 


  • Do some updating to the loot ESP and maybe add some more filters. Possibly a custom box to where you can type in item name, value, or check off certain items you want to see and items you do not wish to see.
  • Be able to set certain classes of items to a custom color. Such as, food, drink as dark red. Meds to blue. Craft items white, etc. 


  • I didn't really use this one much. Snaps to target but as far as hitting target it seemed I would get mixed results.


  • Used the cheat without any bans, it works, easy to use, easy to navigate, user friendly. 
  • I would recommend and is probably one of the best out there.


  • Since May... 10th? part of the ESP showing loot containers was not working and problem wasn't fixed so sadly I (and many others) missed out on the full feature to see containers and stashes. Seems that it still hasn't been fixed as of the 22nd (last day I was able to use)
  • With being one of the best... the premium price tag.

Only complaint I have is about the esp not fully working and missing out on 12ish days of being able to enjoy the cheat to its full potential.

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