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  1. Hello, I Have been using Elusion for a few days, Highly recommend them. Overall 7.5/10 Performance: 10/10 Has not Affected my PC at all in terms of performance. ESP: 8/10 ESP Is Amazing, Simple, Clean, Doesn't clutter, Brilliant, HOWEVER I have 3 problems: Enemy Vehicles only have distance underneath them, would be nice if we could have a large ESP Box around them. 1 or 2 players would not show up on the ESP, usually happens after they leave a vehicle or get revived. Mines/Grenades don't show up. Aimbot- I will split this into 2 sections Soldier and Vehicle. Soldier Aimbot 10/10 - Everything Works Great! Sniping, SMGs, DMRs, Perfect. Vehicle Aimbot - 6/10 Machine Guns on tanks, wildcats etc all work brilliant however ONLY against soldiers, against planes, other tanks, etc don't work or barely work. and Sometimes the Vehicle Aimbot sometimes bounces around trying to compensate for distance I assume or something. Support 10/10 - It was the holidays so when they were available extremely helpful, ZoneAlarm and Deadline have been extremely helpful, For the first time I used Crypto and I messed it up and they helped me. ]Buyer Recommendation? Absolutely yes, They are good, helpful, smooth performance, some improvements could be done, but I definitely enjoyed my time so far and have not had any personal issues or problems.
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