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Question about EFT HWID Bans and Spoofer usability

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Hey sorry about the long ass message but I have a quick question about Tarkov HWID bans.

I got temp-banned on what used to be my main account for RMT, and then proceeded to buy an alt-account (smoothbrain move ik) which then got perma-banned (error code 229) because the seller prob cheated on it. I didn't realise that it was a HWID ban so I just went ahead and bought EoD on a new account, which when I logged in with on the launcher immediately showed up with the same ban message and error code (229). 

Would either the standalone spoofer or spoofer included in the EFT cheat work for this kind of an immediate launcher ban? I've seen posts elsewhere on Elitepvpers and the like that the HWID bans happen after you successfully launch the game and join a raid, so at this point I'm not even sure if I'm HWID banned or IP banned. 


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