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Another frenchie come on Elusion ^^


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Hi/Hello everyone who read this topic

I want to introduce my self on Elusion and to get part in the community because i'm looking forward in the future for Elusion.

so, My name Rémi (yes I know my name  is totally uncommon)   I have 21 y/o and I'm working in MacDonald's, so if someone has questions about my job tell me here or pm I will answer to everyone ^^ 😝

I travel alot, I already did : Greece Italy Spain and France xd. One of my dream is to do the England and Germany in the same month or week. trust me guys , traveling the world and discover an another country is very very antidepressant and it remove all stress you have of the life I swear it

I love Football I watch every week-ends (because there is the best match-up Premiere League Ligue 1 and Serie A)   If someone have the same passion of me, let's debate then 😅



I hope everyone has a good holiday cya !!!!



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