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Battlefield 2042 - 100% Honest Review


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Hey guys so i've been playing BF2042 for about a week now and this is my review. I'm gonna keep it simple and straight to the point.

Aimbot 9/10

Works as intended. I never rage and still /always/ get top kills in my games. Dev team recently added bullet drop prediction, it works great close to medium range. Long range sniping is a hit or miss but i'm pretty sure dev team is working on it. Works great inside vehicles too. No complaints about aim 🙂

ESP 8/10

Esp is amazing my only issue is that some enemies don't show up but im sure its getting fixed in the future. I love that the esp box is changing color when enemy is visible.

Misc 10/10

I only want radar and they have it. I'm happy 🙂

Security 10/10

I've used this product for 60 hours and i'm still going strong. Security couldn't be better!

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