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Battlefield 2042 Review


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Aimbot: 8/10: The aim is pretty good and it could be the game more than the software. Main things imo that could make it better are: No spread, No Recoil, and Aim prediction (both on foot and in vehicles). Obviously some of these things increase security concerns so its give and take, overall very good.

ESP: 9/10:Works as you would expect. Good adjustable distance and a few other toggles. Only complaint is it seems to bug sometimes and show people not behind cover when they are and once or twice it hasn't had an ESP on an enemy.

Support: 10/10 Asked for assistance with payment and website navigation and was almost immediately responded to and helped.

UI: 10/10 As good as can be expected. Clean, simple, and easy to navigate and understand even if you are new to cheesing. Also config settings from the community on their website.

Overall: 9/10 I've tried out 3 different BF2042 cheats and this is definitely the best of the bunch. If they add in a few more features and clean up the one or two bugs that i've seen I will likely be subbing to it for the foreseeable future. This is also only 3 days after early access. I am glad I found them.

Thanks for the good product Elusion!

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