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FAQ - Presale Questions

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Why are some products verifed only?

The reason why cheats with a high tier anticheat such as Battleye or Easy Anti-Cheat are only accessible after an application and ID verification is to ensure the highest possible security for our customers. Furthermore we want to build a nice community. For less aggressive anticheats this kind of verification is not necessary.
Your forum rank, reputation and activity helps to get accepted.

In order to apply please check if the application period is currently open and click here


What happens to the photo of my identity card, passport or drivers license?

After your application has been rejected or accepted, the photo of your ID, passport or drivers license will be fully deleted from our servers. This document is for one-time verification only. This is very sensitive data and we care about your security!


How long does it take for my application to be accepted or rejected?

This might take up to 48 hours. Please be patient!


What payment methods are available?

Currently we only accept bitcoin and creditcard as payment method but we are in contact with resellers who should offer aditional payment methods such as PayPal or Skrill in the future for us.


Do you offer testsubscriptions/trials?

No trials for private products due to safety reasons!


Why does my HWID reset request have to be checked manually first?

In some cases our HWID system detects suspicious activity that must first be reviewed and accepted by an admin. Further information is displayed in the loader. This is usually done as soon as an admin is online.


If you have further questions or problems with the loader please open a support ticket!



Elusion Team

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