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Battlefield 2042: Quality, Popularity, Future Plans, and DMA?

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Good afternoon to this amazing community,

Here are a few questions regarding the product for BF2042, its popularity, potential future updates, and if it's worth offering DMA (Direct Memory Access) functionality. What are your thoughts, experiences, and opinions on the following questions:

Quality of BF2042 cheese: How would you rate the quality? Do they provide a significant advantage to the players using them? Are they well-developed, or do they contain bugs and issues that affect their effectiveness?

Popularity of the BF2042 cheese: In your personal experience, is the product for BF2042 gaining traction? Do you see an increasing number of players hoping to utilize this product? How do you think this affects the longevity of the cheese and is it worth purchasing a lifetime subscription?

Future Plans and Updates: Do you know if there are any plans to update or expand the cheese available for BF2042? Are developers actively improving them, adding new features, or addressing any existing flaws?

DMA Functionality: Does Elusion.cc offer Direct Memory Access (DMA) cheese and if not, do you think they'd consider moving into that market?

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