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Battleye is a middle AC just male sure, ur other cheats of other Providers hide in other Partition cause BE chrcking for sus files

For example : ure cheatin in R6 and playing without anything injected, if BE checking ur files and Finding cheats for idk the division it will be triggered and u could get banned 


For your own safety


Hide ur Tools in other Partition or other computer, or usb flash drive 


Also if dont Set ur aimbot to head, use neck cause it Switch between head and upperbody, so not every kill will be a headshots kill (more legit)


How u avoid ban

play legit : simple answere but how ?! 

For example R6 u have esp on and u see enemy is lurking, hide in a corner , if the enemy checks corner u have to die , also turn off aimbot (safer, but optional.


Check every corner like a normal Player and dont push instanty to enemy.

if you use fov 

Check for smoothness and Shrink fov to the double crosshair dot , thats enough 


If you have esp enabled be careful that you dont stare cross wall , watch of enemies movement, is he sneaking = u will die

Did he accidently steped = burn the hell out if him


Dont run across smokes, you dont know who is behind it, respect that.


Give callout and Pings, also Check pings of ur mates for more legit and avoid reports



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