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Were/ are you guys English kids or Maths kids? Both doesn't exist

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I'm gonna be honest, until i got into higher education (after mandatory) i was both. Maths was always easy for me without studying and it was the same case with english.

As soon as i got to higher education, i still had the mindset of "i don't need to learn to be good". Maths quickly turned that thinking around :P. Almost failed maths one year, so i started studying the bare minimum so i got through.

Maybe i was lucky but except for one year i always had great english teachers. They made english a lot of fun and just a chill lesson in general. I never learned for english at all, i guess watching movies/tv series in english and also reading a lot and playing games helped. I was always one of the top students when it came to english, talking and writing. Never was good with grammar specific tests but speaking and writing was always easy and also on a very high level (according to my teacher).

So in conclusion, in the end i guess i was an english kid.

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