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Are you working in the field that you went to school for?

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I've noticed as I talk to more people working in the more "professional" field recently that a lot of these people didn't go to school for that field. Whether it be by luck, misfortune, or choice is this something you guys have experienced as well?

I've bounced around many different occupational fields until I ended up being in the one I'm in now.


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Nope. I own a small firearms related merch company through instagram. 

When I was still working for someone else it was as you described it; mostly people who had jobs from networking/someone they knew.  Very few of us had the technical degrees associated with our field, but the work was mostly on the job training so it wasn't a big deal as long as the new guy could be trained.

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Currently actually yes. I went to school for IT and I'm still working in the IT sector (currently as a software developer).

As long as I'm having fun and liking my job i'll stay there i think. If i ever don't like what i'm doing anymore i'll change my job/sector.

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I worked in the User Experience industry for 4 years prior to getting an education. the day after I graduated I was offered a part time job at my university as a lecturer. I've been teaching there since January 21'.

I am not a big fan of getting an education "just because society wants you to" or whatever. I scored a job without an education, and quite honestly most companies (at least in scandinavia) hire more based on personality than on skills. Your resume gets you the interview and your personality gets you the job. 

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