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How to not get banned

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Hi there,

I have been cheating for a many years now and I can give some advise on how to use aim-bot and ESP so you don't get a ban from game dev or reported.

Stop using aim-bots. You should not be getting multiple kills in a game that you just started. you need to die as well. Some games go out with loadout and just die. as a new play it is odd that you get a lot of kills. It is easily banned able.

when you see a player from behind a rock or inside a building DO NOT stop and look at them. IF the person is standing behind the rock and saw you coming you don't kill them, you need to die there.

Until you learn how to check corners. DO NOT start aiming when you are near a player and run around the map like chicken without a head and not checking any corners, it is easy to stop a cheater like that where you only slow down and start aiming when a player is near you and you run around %80 of the time.

DO NOT go for a player that you saw inside the building, and walk exactly inside the room that he/she is hiding. Check all the rooms and then check the room that he/she is in.



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This is good advice, especially for those who might be new to cheating. Making sure you die is the most important thing to remember in my opinion. I have also never been a fan of using aimbots, ESP alone is a major advantage.

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