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  1. Yes it’s currently working and is UD and will be.
  2. Everything with this cheat is amazing imo, prediction will be added soon and more features coming. Ill rate 9.5/10 Heres a long awaited montage and thats all im writing in this review cause im too lazy to go on lol. Had no problems with it but others seem to have, but anyways.
  3. I’m making a list of the current weebs for invited members/ or fellow gamers here. You must rate this video and I will determine your social credit.
  4. Thats weird, sorry I raised it up to 10000 Euros, only the rich can afford it.
  5. Yeah, the cheats not released yet till the game is out tomorrow or so for some people. Put it in the suggestion tab when you actually get invited and buy the cheat.
  6. Hahaha whats up! Justt got back from my dental appointment lol. Cool you work in the dental area.
  7. Another car enthusiast, me like.

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