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  1. Hey yall, I purchased EFT yesterday but I dont see any active subscription or anything on my profile and none of the admins have replied to me. Just wondering how long activation takes? The loader doesn't work with my log in info so I'm just assuming it hasn't been activated yet. Thoughts?
  2. Makes sense. Do you use a spoofer while cheesing? Or just HWID reset after a ban will make the game playable on the same PC? I'm a little confused on that subject lol
  3. Thanks for the insight YK, I appreciate it. I was looking for EFT so it's good to hear that is back up. Is this the only time EFT has been detected?
  4. Been waiting for verification since September. 😕
  5. @Mutiny What are they working on EFT for? Was it detected?
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