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  1. I got the CoolerMaster MM710 it's a good mouse for like 50 euros, def a recommendation.
  2. I like my current gamertag, heard it from a classmate 6 years ago when he told me his gamertag, he plays on console anyway so no worries here lol
  3. Oh that's cool, might see you around then!
  4. I made it work with a different method, I just selected the image first, with the invisible save button, then opened explorer again and picked the same image and then the button reappeared. Suppose these are the ways for now.
  5. Bro my first EVER cheats were on a r4 gold card for my Nintendo DS, went crazy on those pokemon games lmao
  6. A big interest of mine are foreign martial arts, sadly there aren't really any places where I live where they teach things like Silat, Sambo or Kali. I used to train Taekwondo since I was 6 so maybe that's where it happened.
  7. Lot's of sleep and regular exercise, and I mean LOTS of quality sleep.
  8. Don't even have my own car, my brother uses his lease car primarily so I get to use his private car, pretty good deal since It's basically mine and I only got to pay for gas, he's too nice tbh anyways, it's a Kia Picanto, but it has custom speaker so it's really a driving boom box xD
  9. Hey man sucks that we can't play at the same time though
  10. And spare no detail, I wanna know that type of game that you always wanted to play but for some reason never got developed. Me personally, I was always into singeplayer climbing the ladder type games, preferably in some kind of mafia family or syndicate, I looked into Mafia Definitive Edition but that didn't cut it for me sadly. yk the one where you start from the bottom, or as an outsider and make acquaintances or something.
  11. Alright alright, let it be known
  12. Are there more people from EU or US on this forum?
  13. preparing for an all-nighter to get through my math exam :))

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