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  1. Thanks for the swift reply! Guess I'll be purchasing that as well just in case as I plan to have quite a bit of fun and record a bit of a gameplay. I'm sure there are instructions to the spoofer upon purchase but would it be in this order? [Elusion loader -> Spoofer -> Game]
  2. Thought I'd ask beforehand, Just saw my application got accepted, Wonderful news, Incredible happy to join this site, I'm going to purchase BF2042 in a day (Just waiting for a new hardware to arrive that delivers tomorrow), I'm wondering however if the spoofer is included in cheat / loader or if it's a seperate purchase? I searched around the forum beforehand and saw this comment, Is this just for Escape from Tarkov or all games? Cheers!
  3. Cheers for another quick response, I run Win 11 and saw in another thread it was Win10 only so I gotta fix dual boot and some other stuff then I apply, Since some cheats are only Intel supported, Does AMD cpu work with Elusion? I checked the store page of BF2042 but couldn't see any information related to that Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the response, Is there any bans outside that EAC detection?
  5. Hello! Not sure if FF is a thing in BF games any more. I am interesting in purchasing the BF2042 cheat (Yes I know verification before that), I do wonder however, What's the overall ban rate in BF2042 if you have enough customers to say some % rate? And upon ban (Will happen sooner or later), Do you need to spoof or does EAC not HWID ban? Thanks!

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