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  1. Depending on what I'm playing I usually find that I have to have something in the background to keep myself from getting bored.
  2. Loving EA play. it's not utter dogshit that loads at bullshit ass slow speeds with transitions between pages looking like a fucking 10fps powerpoint animation. What about you guys?
  3. Personally I'm a big fan of invite only services. What are your thoughts? Lowers the chance of users getting fucked over, that's for sure.
  4. People don't do it enough. Drink water, eat food, don't be a fucking turbo virgin and hit max level on whatever game you're playing in one week when it's meant to be achieved over months of time. Anyways, drink water
  5. I've noticed as I talk to more people working in the more "professional" field recently that a lot of these people didn't go to school for that field. Whether it be by luck, misfortune, or choice is this something you guys have experienced as well? I've bounced around many different occupational fields until I ended up being in the one I'm in now.
  6. Bro I hate when I have to shit when I'm at a restaurant or work. Can't hold it like some mad lads can so I just bomb the bathrooms. Wassup with you guys?
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