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Can you watch shows/listen to music while gaming?

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On 11/30/2021 at 6:26 AM, Vandy said:

Tarkov with cheese while listening to music. No need to hear footsteps EZ

absolutely, however you know damn all it takes is that one sneaky ass motha fukin scav to pull up behind u and pop a buckshot in your ass

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Depends on the game to be honest. With games like tarkov or valorant or any other shooter that requires sound to listen for footsteps etc. i cannot play with music and especially not tv shows.

However when we're talking about things like the settlers, factorio, or other games that don't require my full attention, i watch shows a lot of the time. It's a nice little extra entertainment that makes gaming more enjoyable, especially if there is nothing to do ingame for a while.

I only really listen to music on pc when i'm working or when i'm really drunk playing a game (the vibe, if you know what i mean).

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i find listening to music at a certain volume while playing is alright for me but no way in hell would i be able to watch a show while playing.

Maybe listening to the shows audio is a maybe but i would just find it hard to take my eyes off the show 

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