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Elusion.cc's EFT Review

General: I've been using it for over a week now and it's been undetected ever since it's been released. The software itself is streamproof, at least for confirmed softwares like OBS & NVIDIA Shadowplay. The loader will rename itself every time after you've started it, so it'll have a new randomized name in case you'd worry about that. The UI itself is user-friendly and even a total beginner could use it. All in all, 10/10

ESP: It got everything you need, it's easy to navigate to toggle things on & off and is not overwhelming at first, depending on what settings you've enabled of course. It recently got updated with Container ESP, which rounds it up nicely. You can customize it to your needs as some features like the boxes around players might confuse you and block your sight when being in a raid or fighting someone. It is easy to determine who's a SCAV (AI), a player SCAV, PMCs. The bosses and their guards will also be shown as [SCAV] but you can easily know it's a boss when there a lot of them grouped up and running around with unusual guns like M4A1, AK-103, MPX etc. I'd still love to see that being changed, so the boss and their guards get their own tag, but nothing major that needs to be done in regards to ESP. 9/10

Aimbot: At first I felt like it's kind of weak and choppy at times, especially when fighting at close range, but with the right settings, it became much better and 1vs1 were a piece of cake, especially against other hacker. It's more meant for a legit playstyle, but if you wanted to, you could also tweak it to your needs and make it more for a rage playstyle. You can choose where to shoot people by assigning a key to the aimbot and decide where the bullets should go, you can switch between Head, Neck and the Spine. It still gets updated and the issues get addressed whenever the admins have the time for it. 9/10

Misc: No Breath, No Recoil, No Sway and Unlimited Stamina are a life saver, really. I barely use the aimbot to make it look more legit, but you really don't need it if you can just turn all of those features on and gun people down from either long or close range without sway and recoil. What I really like about it, is that you can load and save your settings for whatever game you've customized it for, it's one of the best features and will save you so much time. 10/10


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