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Spoofer Question

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Hello dear 🙂
I do not know so well with Spoofer, and would be happy if one me, here would explain how it works ?
What does this spoofer exactly ? 
Does the spoofer always run when I turn on my computer?

I thank you already for the help

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Thanks for the quick answer, 
This means that the spoofer is only used when someone is banned, not before.

Now comes a question which actually makes no sense 🙂 .... what are the chances that you are banned for example in Battlefield 2142 or what are the chances that the EAC catches you? 
Of course you are also responsible for the fact that you carefully enjoy this help, I would only be interested in how good is this hack software to not be caught by the EAC?  

Had tested a few providers in the past, although I never used an Aimbot and only the radar and that too carefully, the software I had used was unfortunately always detected. That's why I wanted to ask.

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35 minutes ago, Months said:

what about EFT? is it UD? and so if im already banned on EFT i just get the spoofer and then i can play on my pc again?



It is and after one ban you might not even need the spoofer.

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